There is something in pain; in these experiences that have wounded us, in the marks that are not fully healed. They become the openings for inspiration, which is memory, collective experience, the remembrance of wholeness. Some works have suffered a wounded birth.

My job is humble. The material flows and I weave it with a brush. I bear the responsibility to create works that speak, that are alive and tell the few lines of a much bigger poem. Like the old women, my job is to weave this carpet as best as I can, to pick with love and care the colour, the pause, the rhythm. I pick a thread that exists through generations to weave images that belong in the here and now.

Today, art is very much alive. It speaks truths at a time of violence and deception. This is a fine quality that you experience when you see the artwork. It is not apparent on any surface, nor is it hidden under any guise: the artwork that is alive allows us a deeper breath; it gives us permission to dream the World anew.

curriculum vitae


IntMA Adult Education for Social Change

Transpersonal Psychology Certificate / Holotropic Breathwork

MA Visual Communication Studies

BA (Hons) Graphic Design



Erasmus Mundus Scholar (2017-2018)

Alexander S. Onassis Scholarship (2015)

Vakalo Art & Design Scholarships (2011-2014)

Excellence Award – Greek Ministry of Education/ Eurobank EFG (2007)

I work as freelance illustrator, graphic designer and facilitator.

My work has been influenced by transpersonal psychology, psychedelic research and indigenous traditions that describe life as a movement towards wholeness.
My current project, “The Psychonaut”, is a series of short visual narratives that reflect an inner journey and the adventure of self discovery.

In recent years I have become increasingly interested in participatory arts and the ways that creativity can and facilitate community building, compassion and awareness.


“Night jungle”
The Rose magazine, Issue 5, October 2018, Ireland.
Equinox – An Autumnal Exhibition
The Island, Bristol, 2018, curated by Sophie Filomena & Ruby Lou Hinton.
“From Glasgow to Saturn”
From Glasgow to Saturn Journal, Issue 40, April 2018, Glasgow.
“Letter from the Amazon”
(article), published in Haniotika Nea, Greece, May 2016.
Athens International Video Art Festival
Athens, 2014, curated by E. Olympiou. “Untitled by Chance & Desire” (video).
Clear Water Environment group show
Chania, 2014, curated by K. Lilikakis. “Untitled by Chance & Desire” (video).
“Ephemera – Poet in common time”
(thesis presentation), published in GR DESIGN magazine, Oct-Dec. 2014.
“mουμπle μumbλε”
(workshop/ fanzine), Comicdom Con, Athens, 2014.
Kaleidoscopio group show
Athens, 2013, curated by TheArtFoundation. “Taboo & Identity” (installation).
Art is Hard festival
Athens, 2012, curated by M. Lappa/K. Tikis. “Taboo & Identity” (installation).


I take commissions for custom illustrations, posters, murals, portraits etc. Feel free to get in touch to discuss your idea: