Myrto Papadaki is a visual artist, designer and educator, born in Chania, Greece.

Her work is a culmination of her academic knowledge, experience of inner work in expanded states of consciousness and ongoing creative practice.

She holds a Master’s degree with distinction in Visual Communication (2014) and a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design (2013) from the University of Derby, as well as, a certificate in Illustration and Comics from Ornerakis School of Applied Arts.

In 2017 she was one of the three scholars from Europe to be awarded the Erasmus Mundus JMD scholarship to study Adult Education at the Universities of Glasgow and Malta, where she obtained a Postgraduate Diploma (2018) with a focus in community arts, participatory practice and trauma-informed arts education.

Since 2015 she is in training towards becoming a certified Holotropic Breathwork practitioner (Grof transpersonal training).

Her art has been exhibited in several shows and festivals in Greece, UK and USA. Since 2010 she has been facilitating creative workshops in various contexts.

2019 –“Spaces in Between” – Diverse People Society, Chania Greece.

2020 – “Summer Cravings” – RedD Gallery, Chania Greece.
2020 – “For the Love of Art II” online contemporary collective – Envision Arts, Dallas TX.
2019 – “Human Trace” – ChiliArt Gallery, Athens Greece.
2019 – “Rituals” – The Lit Exhibit, Brooklyn NY.
2019 – “Contemporary Madonnas” – ArtZone42 Gallery, Athens Greece.
2019 – “Shadows” – DebebeGallery, Athens Greece.
2018 – “Equinox” – The Island Gallery, Bristol UK.
2015 – “Clear Water”– Sabbionara cultural space, Chania Greece.
2014 – Athens International Video Art Festival – Technopolis, Athens Greece.
2013 – “Kaleidoscope” –The Art Foundation (TAF), Athens Greece.
2012 – Art is Hard Festival – Peloponese Station, Athens Greece
2011 – “International Poster Competition Finalists”- National Gallery ChifteAmam, Skopje.